Gem level slow

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The game is great. Except for a minor difficulty with the power glove when it picks something up and then puts it down right away if I use my thumb, everything works great.

Except the gem level. As soon as I got to the level, the interface became so unresponsive. If there is a zombie, he can walk up to you and kill you because you can't swing fast. If I had to guess, there is something tying up the game loop. The light that comes from the lava might be the culprit. On my phone this level is just unplayable, but I can't get to the final stage unless I mine enough gems. Help!

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I confirm the bug of the slowly gems level.

and I confirm the workaround by putting the screen to big in the options.

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I will look into this. You may be right that it has to do with the light in the lava level which takes a lot of cpu time to compute. please try to switch to low resolution to speed things up a little.