Minicraft WP

Minicraft takes place on a series of islands that the player must explore to look for supplies.
Using these, the player must build better items to be able to complete tasks easier and to tackle more difficult challenges. There are various enemies to fight and a number of tools and weapons to build, the ultimate goal is to kill
the evil air wizard.

Minicraft was developed by Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, on December 19, 2011.
It was created in 48 hours as a part of the 22nd Ludum Dare competition.

This is the free port to Windows Phone :

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You can get more information on the original minicraft here: minicraft @ ludum dare
and play the original version right here in your browser (Java needed): official minicraft Java applet

Take a look at the Forum for more tips and my plans for the next update,

Tips & Tricks:

There are five kind of tools:

  • Shovel: For digging dirt and sand
  • Hoe: To prepare the ground for seeds
  • Axe: For chopping trees
  • Pickaxe: For digging rock and getting ore
  • Sword: For slashing monsters

Tools come in five different types of strength:

  • A wooden tool
  • A tool made out of rock
  • An iron tool
  • A gold tool
  • A tool made out of gemstone

To find the different kinds of ores you must go below the ground into the dungeons. In the first level you will find iron ore, the second one holds gold and in the third level you will find the gems. Don't forget to take enough lanterns with you because it is dark underground!

There are various plants to grow:

  • Trees: Will give you wood and apples. Eat apples to regain health!
  • Cactus: Can be planted to hold back monsters. Will grow on sand even in dungeons!
  • Wheat: Can be used to bake bread. Eat bread to regain health faster than by eating apples. Use a hoe at grass to get your first pack of seeds, then plant it on farm ground
  • Flowers: Nice to look at but otherwise useless

The goal of the game is to kill the evil air-wizard. You will find him above ground on the clouds. To get to the stairs going up you will have to break the hardrock with a gemstone axe.

This will help you build new items:

  • Workbench: Use it to craft simple tools
  • Oven: Can bake wheat to bread
  • Furnace: Melt the ore or create glass out of sand
  • Anvil: Use it to craft more advanced tools
  • Chest: Store items you no longer need

You might wonder how to move your furniture once you put it on the ground? Did you notice this one item in your inventory you never knew what it was for? The Power Glove? You can use the Glove to pick up things like your Workbench or a Lantern and place them somewhere else!