Diamond Caves WP

DiamondDiamond Caves for Windows Phone is the first mobile version of Diamond Caves. Now you can explore Caves and collect those precious Emeralds everywhere on your Windows Phone.

Of course, a Leveleditor like in the Windows Version of Diamond Caves is not possible on a mobile screen so the phone version of Diamond Caves has some new features instead (and is available for a much lower price). The details:

  • Tutorial Levelgroup with 30 Levels.
    This group is also available in the free trial editon of Diamond Caves mobile
  • Main Levelgroup with 60 Levels.
    A classic Levelgroup where you start with the very first Level and after solving a Level you get access to the next one.
  • Four bonus Levelgroups each with three Levels
    This is new: You have to unlock the bonus Levelgroups by completing certain tasks within the main Levelgroup. For example: You have to finish a certain main Level without using any Dynamite or you have to kill a specific enemy to reach the goal.
  • Skipping Levels: If you are stuck in one of the main Levels you can skip up to five times and finish the skipped Levels at a later time.
  • A Quickload and Quicksave option is available for you to load/save in the middle of playing a Level. This makes most Levels a lot easier so this option is unlocked once you have solved 45 main Levels

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Tutorial Level 1 Tutorial Level 23 Pausemenu in game Mainlevel 56
Mainlevel 37 Mainlevel 27 Mainlevel 21 Mainmenu: List of Levels