Diamond Caves 3 & Windows10 Problems

Some users are experiencing problems running the Diamond Caves 3 Leveleditor under Windows 10 64bit. In this case, the leveleditor opns but does not display any Levelgroups.

To fix this problem, please download this short program: dc3fix.exe

If you want to do it manually, you have to create a link from the folder the leveleditor is searching the levelgroups to the one they are actually in. This can be done in three simple steps:

  • Open a command line with administrative rights
  • delete the folder C:\DiamondCaves3
  • create a link to the folder C:\ProgramData\DiamondCaves3 by typing the command "mklink /J C:\DiamondCaves3 C:\ProgramData\DiamondCaves3"


Download your copy of Diamond Caves 3:

Latest Version: v2.5



You can order Diamond Caves 3 online:

The shareware fee for Diamond Caves 3 is 25 EUR which includes access to all available levelgroups!